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Jericho House

If you like a serene outdoor setting in the Appalachian Mountains, You will love this place!


Jericho House is a unique rehabilitation facility located in the picturesque Sautee-Nacoochee Valley of Georgia. It is a rustic, outdoor facility that is set on 11 wooded acres, offering a peaceful and serene environment that promotes healing and recovery.

The facility comprises four buildings that are designed to cater to the needs of the residents. These buildings include the group housing, chapel, dining house, and administration building.

The group housing is where the men stay during their rehabilitation. The accommodations are designed to encourage bonding and support among the residents, and the rustic setting provides a perfect atmosphere for personal reflection and growth.

The chapel is the heart of the facility, where residents gather for meetings, therapy sessions, and other activities. The chapel is a quiet and reflective space that is conducive to meditation and introspection, offering a peaceful environment that promotes healing and growth.

Meals are served in the dining house, which is a communal space where residents can come together to share meals and engage in conversations. The dining house is designed to be a warm and inviting space that encourages socialization and fosters a sense of community among the residents.

Jericho House provides a unique and welcoming environment that is well-suited for rehabilitation and recovery. The rustic setting and peaceful atmosphere offer a perfect backdrop for residents to focus on their personal growth and healing.

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